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Durham, NC- Over 100 students filled the seats of LOVE auditorium to cheer on their favorite teams at the Big Byte Challenge Awards Ceremony last night.  After spending 60+ hours in the LINK, ten teams were given three minutes to succinctly demonstrate and present their product to an open audience including a panel of three judges.  Panelists included Professor Robert Duvall, Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Melissa Dalis, President of the Computer Science Majors Union, and Michael Faber, Program Manager of the Innovation Co-Lab.  Each team was judged based on originality of idea, technically challenging implementation, and ability to clearly articulate the functionality of their app.

“The Road Not Taken” by Davis Gossage, Sam Ginsburg, and Jesse Hu best used Apple’s iTunes Store Catalog for assigning ‘Hipster-Scores’ to individuals based on their music preferences.  Additionally, “Communicaid” was selected for their best use of AT&T’s API for enhancing the over-the-counter experiences for customers with speech and hearing disabilities.  This team consisted of Yu Zhou Lee, Xu Rui, and Elder Massahiro Yoshida.

The Best Native App and the Audience Choice Award went to “TouchTunes” and “iDiscover” respectively.

The Big Byte Challenge was a coding competition hosted by the Innovation Co-Lab and the Duke ACM, and sponsored by Apple Inc., and the AT&T Developer Program.  It challenged students to creatively use data provided by Apple and AT&T to build apps.  Students were welcome to code in any language they preferred but the user interface was required to be either a native iOS application or viewable in stock Safari mobile browser on iPad in order to be eligible to compete from prizes.  Engineers from both Apple and AT&T were present throughout the weekend to help solve problems teams encountered while developing their app.  Several students, including non-participants, also took advantage of this opportunity to discuss internship and full-time opportunities with recruiters from both companies.


Interested in learning more about events sponsored by the Innovation Co-Lab?  Visit us at www.colab.duke.edu.

1 year ago
#news and notes #bigbyte